Superhealing - Barefoot Doctor


By Barefoot Doctor

  • Release Date: 2017-09-08
  • Genre: Forme et santé


Psyche derives from the Greek: soul – hence psychic healing or soul-healing (as opposed to sole-heeling which you might at first glance think would be more suited to a barefoot doctor’s style).

Implying we’ll be healing ourselves from and at the most profound level of self. This then takes care of all the progressively more superficial levels, all the way out to the skin, and even further to encompass all external aspects of life too. This all based on Taoist metaphysics, and is a training in becoming not just a physician (in the broadest sense as in healer), but a metaphysician. Anyone who imagines that divorcing physics from metaphysics can provide a full intelligence of any aspect of existence is severely deluded. The physical relies on the metaphysical for its existence. Meta, comes from Greek, above, as in Latin super.

Hence SUPERHEALING, as in metaphysical, or psychic healing.

Everything starts and ends with the mind. The universe starts and ends with the primordial universal ‘mind’ or consciousness – and each of us likewise – similarly all physical conditions are instigated by the mind, even including exogenous diseases and damage. And all conditions are healed by the mind. This doesn’t mean conditions are imaginary, simply that both their genesis and dissolution are instigated by the mind, by an intention – at the deepest level, the level of the soul, and almost exclusively unconsciously – hence why psychic healing will be our focus: to access that autonomic layer of mind whence the intention arose and adjust it.

I’ve also called it super as an ironic nod to this overblown, overheated, over-sensationalized world of superlatives we find ourselves in where even the most commonplace occurrence is awesome (a word confined in former times to describe only that which provoked profound awe, as in awe of the divine, or of a mountain range, or of a galaxy, for example). And I reckoned if we can have super-cars and super-yachts, we can have super-healings too.

I say this will be experiential, because by my intention, I’ll be healing you even as you’ll be learning how to heal yourself and others using your own intention.

As well as activating intention, you’ll be learning a whole lot more about the two main levels of self, the structure and anatomy of each, and the most effective direct methods of intervention.