Invincibility Training - Barefoot Doctor

Invincibility Training

By Barefoot Doctor

  • Release Date: 2017-12-14
  • Genre: Spiritualité


Invincibility means the inability to be overcome, or the ability never to be overcome — by anything or anyone — at the deepest level of your being. Whatever happens or doesn’t happen in your life, you remain in a constant state of enlightenment.

The Invincibility training will help you experience a marked increase in energy, strength, self-confidence, clarity, focus and personal power and will induce total personal transformation in 64 hours.

The Invincibility Training is a 3-day program you can do on your own (or with friends) at home. Starting on a Friday evening and ending at work on a Monday lunchtime, you take yourself hour-by-hour through a set series of powerfully transformative exercises culled from Taoist martial arts mental training methods and adapted for the layperson in the modern world.

While simple to perform and not overly strenuous, these qigong exercises are challenging enough to make a serious impact at the deepest level. It will enable you to discover the invincible power of your original invincible spirit.